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Project Highlights

  • 5 properties spanning 2,076 claims totalling 41,520 acres (16,219 ha)
  • District-scale land package positioned as Utah’s leading claystone lithium project
  • Lithium mineralized claystones as well as lithium in brine potential
  • Similar geology to Nevada’s hotbed of activity in the Clayton Valley – Tonopah area
  • On site company testing facility set up with LIBS analyzer for faster project advancement

Project Overview

All claims are located in Juab County, Utah, and are interpreted to be prospective for lithium mineralization, based on similarities to the Lithium Butte Property, where Company sampling and a historic (2010) database indicate widespread lithium mineralization hosted in clay or claystone volcanic tuff units. Rockland’s primary exploration target is claystone hosted lithium mineralization; however, the Fish Springs Flat Property covers an area interpreted to be prospective for lithium brine mineralization (Mills, S.E. and Rupke, A., 2020, Utah Geological Survey, Circular 129).

Four of the properties adjoin to the north and west of the Spor Mountain beryllium mine owned by Materion Corporation (NYSE: MTRN), the sole producer of beryllium ore in the United States.

Lithium Butte


The Lithium Butte property is comprised of 524 lode claims on BLM lands and totals 10,670 acres (4,320 ha). Located 185 km south-west of Salt Lake City, the property is road accessible and has excellent regional infrastructure with power, rail and nearby communities.


Mineralized grab samples from rhyolite tuff-breccia of Tertiary age that is known to contain elevated Lithium contents:

  • Mineralized tuff-breccia is overlain by rhyolite cap-rock and underlain by trachyte flows
  • Significant lithium contents are associated with well developed clay alteration of tuff-breccia
  • Well-defined stratigraphic model will enable Rockland to selectively target additional areas of Lithium mineralization.

May 2022 Sampling

  • Five samples of claystone assayed from 4,080 ppm lithium to 1,200 ppm lithium with an average of 2,142 ppm lithium
  • Outcropping exposure of clay altered tuff-breccia with a stratigraphic thickness estimated to be greater than 20 m
  • Outcrop contains at least two intervals of claystone mineralization, each of which is several meters in thickness
  • Li analysis was performed using sodium peroxide fusion and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) by ActLabs (Ancaster, Ontario)

Excellent outcrop exposure will allow for rapid characterization of Lithium mineralization at Lithium Butte.

Looking Forward

Rockland has initiated a soil sampling program to evaluate areal extent of claystone lithium mineralization and define additional exploration targets:

  • Soil sampling will cover the entire property with over 900 soil samples taken at 150 m intervals on lines spaced at 300 m
  • Samples will initially be analyzed in the field by handheld LIBS analyzer
  • Results of the survey are anticipated in early autumn and expected to generate lithium exploration targets for follow-up drilling

Rockland will channel sample the outcropping exposure of clay altered tuff-breccia:

Mineralized exposure has a stratigraphic thickness estimated to be greater than 20 m

Samples will be analyzed for Li and other elements at ActLabs using sodium peroxide fusion and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

Fish Springs Flats

Property writeup available shortly.

North Spor

Property writeup available shortly.

Cane Springs

Property writeup available shortly.

GP Claims

Property writeup available shortly.